Jake Chasan


Technology  Development  Specialist

Jake's technology services include the 40 websites he developed, twelve apps available for download, and plugin code for other developers. Proficient at Photoshop CC, Dreamweaver, Encore, Xcode, Eclipse, Final Cut Pro 7 & X, and Sibelius. His programming languages include, C, HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript and Objective C. Jake is an Oracle Certified Java Programmer and the winner of the 2014 House App Challenge.​ More about Jake.

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Jake opened Day 3 of the International SignWriting Symposium with a presentation about the SignWriting App. Jake developed the SignWriting App as a community service outreach project for use by hearing impaired individuals, teachers, occupational therapists and parents to assist in the teaching of the written form of American Sign Language.

Latest  Project: SAT Grammar Prep